Saturday, April 11, 2009

3D style Sheet


  1. i definitely like the red one. ;) haha

  2. wow, very impressive! even though i have no clue what your talking about. lols

  3. yeah i remember. it was only sketches with copic pens when i last saw it. i don't really know how to talk about computer art so i can't give intelligent opinions but i think its good. i like your cars i think i like the pink car. and the character design i like the asian-looking girl with the black hair and red dress haha.
    i really like your sketches of the cityscape and streets because its simple and delicate and i like the details like the windows.
    show me the whole thing when its done:)
    what else should i say??

  4. digital tutor said..
    Yes let's build sylized vehicle in maya